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Be Inspired by these Ultra Runners! 2 New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast!

The weeks are just flying by! I hope you’ve been enjoying the extra podcast each week! Over the coming few weeks I’m going to be speaking with some of the most inspirational female ultra runners around.

They come from all background, all walks of life and they all have amazing stories to share. Listening to these women will encourage you to put your trainers on and just get out there, and go for a run!!

Tuesday 22nd December - Listen to the Amazing and Marvellous Mimi!

Mimi Anderson is an ultra endurance athete who has some stories to share! From running the 6633 Extreme Ultra Marathon in 2007. Which involved a 352 mile self sufficient non-stop race in the Artic. Mimi was the overall winner and is the course record holder - 143 hrs 23 mins.

Mimi also shares the challenges behind becoming the Female World Record HOlder for JOGLE - (Running from John O'Groats to Lands End). A distance of 840 miles which she completed in 12 days, 15 hrs and 46 mins!

Truely Marvellous! Listen to Mimi as she tells all!

Tuesday 24th December - Susie Chan

Susie only took up running in 2011 and one year later she had run her first ultra marathon. Since then, running has changed her whole way of life. Susie provides advice, top tips and the reasons why you must go and run! Plus hear about the romance in the desert during the Marathon des Sables and how it ended on a massive high!

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