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You are a source of inspiration for many women here in the UK, but where do you get your motivation

Thank you - that’s very kind of you!

I’m inspired by so many different women, not just the women who’ve gone out and climbed the highest mountain in the world, or have run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents, or the women who’ve rowed oceans and sailed around the world. More and more I’ve come to realise women are the back bone of everything. They look after families, they work and they put other people first, they’re under huge amounts of pressure from society to look and to act a certain way and many women just put their head down and get on with it.

They go to work each day to help support their family they never put themselves first and many don’t even realise just want an amazing job they’re doing. What frustrates me, is many women just accept life and think this is how it should be.

I know I’m very lucky with everything I’ve had in my life, from my education to the opportunities that have come along. However, I’ve always taken advantage of those opportunities and made the most from them. So I really do look up to the women who are out there every single day and they’re doing it and they are getting things done.

All I would ask of them, is to make sure they take some time for themselves. It’s not being selfish to look after yourself and your health. Have some quality time each week, where you can do something purely for you, whether that’s going to they gym, taking a hot bath or taking some time out to read a book. Put yourself first everyone once in a while! It will benefit everyone.

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