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Chloe Phillips-Harris - Freelance Adventure Journalist Bonding with Wild Horses - Travelling the Wor

Chloe Phillips-Harris is a freelance adventure journalist. While her day job is riding, training, and competing with horses, adventure lurks around every corner. In the winter, she goes off the beaten path to adventure and shares her experience with journalism.

As a teenager, Chloe would get naughty ponies she had to train. The next step for her was training wild horses. Bonding with wild horses is a magical experience she goes back to again and again. You can hear the passion in Chloe’s voice for her horses.

Chloe has worked all over the world in places like Egypt, Fiji, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia to use her skills in new ways. Her interest in the world and animals propelled her to take amazing opportunities taking care of wild animals. Chloe raced unsupported in the Mongol Derby, what’s called the toughest horse race in the world. While dealing with sickness and wild animals, Chloe was spurred on by anger and kept going.


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Show Notes

  • Growing up in the Bay of Islands on a farm with her strong mother

  • Developing a passion for horses at an early age

  • Working with wild horses at 21 years of age

  • How Chloe gets wild horses and spends 16 hours a day with them

  • Bonding with wild horses and how it relates to other relationships

  • The wild horses Chloe’s learned to love and taught to love other people

  • Dealing with horses she hasn’t been able to connect with

  • Learning that we’re all similar from working with horses

  • A typical day in Chloe’s life

  • Enrolling in a double science major at Uni

  • Working hard at age 18 and winning the New Zealand Young Rider series

  • Getting burnt out at 23 and going to Egypt

  • Travelling around the world to use her skills in new ways

  • Caring for horses and doing aid work in Fiji, India, and Egypt

  • Seeing the worst parts of humanity at times and feeling burnt out

  • Writing about what she saw for horse and adventure magazines

  • Participating in the world’s toughest horse race, the Mongol Derby

  • Training for the Mongol Derby by running and riding in shorts

  • The difference between Mongolian horses and New Zealand

  • Getting sick during the Mongol Derby and dealing with incredible challenges

  • Being chased by wild dogs and having her horse bolt into a swamp

  • The most amazing experiences of the Mongol Derby doing exactly what she wanted to be doing

“It’s really important to do something in your life that you’re proud of.”

  • Being a part of the crew for the Mongol Derby this year

  • Getting to a crossroads and deciding what to pursue

  • Wanting to work with camels

  • Having an incredible experience watching a woman ride a reindeer


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