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Chris Fagan - Her Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole!

Chris Fagan - Her Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole!

Chris has summited Denali; runs 100-mile trail races through the mountains; canoed the hippo-laden Zambezi River, in Zimbabwe; biked through remote Tanzania and has paddled and sailed through the Inside Passage along the BC coast.

Chris is a wife, mother, and business owner who loves to get her hands dirty and feet wet. Her adventurous spirit shines through in her work as a writer, speaker, trainer, and consultant. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, teenage son, and two labs, Winston and Kiya.

Chris and her husband Marty became the first American married couple to ski without guide, resupply or other assistance to the South Pole--and became Guinness World Record holders.


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Show notes

  • Chris introduces herself

  • Working full time and doing adventures

  • Not coming from an adventurous family

  • Growing up with 4 siblings

  • Enjoying spending time outside

  • Not having access to the mountains

  • Leaving college and taking her first professional job

  • Starting to feel as though she didn’t below

  • Taking a 4 month leave of absence

  • Deciding to travel solo

  • Going back to work….

  • Wanting to build a different type of life

  • Starting her own consulting business

  • Building a life which had more flexibility

  • The steps taken to get into challenges

  • Developing skills in mountaineering

  • Climbing Mount Denali the highest mountain peak in North America

  • Meeting her husband Marty on the Mountain!

  • Switching from mountains to trail running

  • Being all in on ultra running for 13 years

  • Fitting family, work and adventure into life

  • Taking it one day at a time

  • Why you can’t do it all

  • Deciding on the next challenge - The South Pole

  • Was it possible to do it on their own…

  • Do they have the skills?

  • The planning and preparation needed to do this challenge

  • Leaving their 12 year old son behind

  • Balancing the risks of living a life of adventure while being a parent

  • The 3 year journey to the start line

  • Defining roles in the partnership

  • Working as part of a team

  • Dealing with the fears of the unknown

  • How knowledge helped to calm fears

  • Getting onto the ice for the start of the adventure!

  • Keep moving forward with the goal of 15 miles per day

  • 40 days….. 45 days worth of food…

  • Running out of food…

  • The reality of the situation and enjoying the journey?

  • Dealing with the low points

  • The attraction of the challenge

  • Can I do it

  • Enjoying the journey…

  • Writing a book about the challenge

  • Quick Fire Questions

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