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Melissa Urie - 2nd Women to ever finish the EPIC 5 - 5 Ironman in 5 days across 5 different islands

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Melissa a mental health nurse, living in Melbourne, Australia is the second woman ever to finish the Epic 5 - an event which consists of doing 5 Ironman distance triathlons (that’s 224km or 140 miles of swimming, cycling and running) every day over 5 days on 5 different Hawaiian Islands!

During this podcast Melissa shares more about her early life, and how she got into health and fitness, she shares more about her journey, the high points, the challenges faced and what she has learn't along the way.

Melissa talks about training both her body and her mind and how she balances this while working a full time, intensive job. Melissa will inspire you to think about your next challenge and give you top tips and practical advice that you will be able to use.


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Show notes

  • Growing up and moving to Melbourne

  • Getting into health and fitness

  • New Years Resolution that stuck

  • Around the bay in a day - a cycle race in Melbourne

  • Being naive and not really thinking about it

  • Getting involved in a triathlon and how it has become her lifestyle

  • Nursing and doing shift work and how she fit her training into her life

  • Her 1st Ironman….

  • Getting a coach

  • Working on her nutrition

  • Not going for a specific time

  • Just surviving the day….

  • Ultra-man event in Canada

  • Taking it to the next level - why?!

  • Getting injured before a big race and finding out if she could still race

  • Dealing with flat types and being exhausted

  • Being mentally tough

  • Learning from her experience

  • EPIC 5 - what it is and why she wanted to do it

  • Training and preparation for EPIC 5

  • What a training day/week looks like

  • Being on the cusp of over training but managing to get the balance right

  • Being motivated to get up out of bed - “Don’t think just do”

  • Heading out to Hawaii

  • Finding it easy to relax and taper

  • Being the only female & why it is a big deal

  • Dealing with internal pressure that comes from her

  • Celebrating!!

  • Not getting the challenge blues

  • Next challenge!!!


Learn more about Melissa

"Slightly mental triathlete who is allergic to the sun"

Follow on Twitter @rangamel

You can also listen to Melissa on Sparta Chicks Radio - which goes into more detail about the EPIC 5 Race in Hawaii


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