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Paula Reid - Adventurer Living Life to the Full - Crossed 150 Things Off Her Bucket List

Paula Reid has achieved 150 things of her things to do before she dies list including skiing to the South Pole, walking on hot coals, kayaking the Thames, and running a marathon.

She believes in living life to the full and making the most of our one life. To seize and savour is her mantra from taking advantage of amazing opportunities to savouring beautiful, small moments.

In one of her challenges, Paula sailed in a race around the world with only 2 months of preparation. The team faced a number of trials and accidents, ultimately making it home in 10 months. Later, Paula became the 14th international woman and 3d British woman to ski across the full distance from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.


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Show Notes

  • Finding her sense of adventure and discovery

  • Becoming a rebel as a teenager and falling in with the ‘right’ crowd

  • Starting her living life list and adding a diversity of challenges

  • The challenges that stand out for Paula

  • Feeling stuck in a job she enjoyed and deciding to sail around the world

  • How Paula has been able to afford these challenges

  • Training to sail in 2 months with no prior experience

  • Dealing with overwhelm and worry

  • Using mantras and taking things one step at a time

  • Leaving the port for the yacht race

  • Experiencing medical evacuations, man overboard

  • Working as a ‘pit chick’ on the boat

  • Dealing with accidents during the race

  • Bouncing back from depression as a team

  • Coming home after a 10-month race

  • The difficulty of coming back after a great adventure

  • Getting the dream to ski across the South Pole

  • Finding an adventure partner and telling friends and family about her goals

  • Skiing in a temperature colder than a freezer

  • Facing a major challenge with an injury

  • Balancing the seize and savour

  • Paula’s next challenge, 50 Good Turns

  • Getting in touch with Paula at

  • Looking forward to biking Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

  • Paula’s tips on living life to the full

  • Writing a list of what you’ve done already and creating your live life to the full list

  • Planning for a worm charming competition


Social Media

Find Paula’s book and connect with her on She’s also on Twitter @ThePaulaReid and Instagram @ThePaulaReid.


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