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Costs of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail… So far...

I have kept a record of what I have spent so far on getting myself ready for the Appalachian Trail.

I have paid for items in both GBP and USD.

To make things as easy as possible. I have converted the USD amounts into GBP.

If there is no amount next to the item, it means I already owned it. I have also rounded the amount to the nearest whole number.

This does not include additional costs such as paying for a personal trainer, supplements while training (including protein powder), & visiting my Naturopath, dentist etc.

In order to fund the below, I have been buying items slowly throughout the year as I had money come available through Patreon, speaking gigs, and other paid work I do.

E.g. My big purchase in January was the visa, in February I paid for my flight to Atlanta, in March, I bought my Thermarest, etc.

This way I was able to spread out the costs and it wasn’t a big hit to take in one go.



  • Appalachian Trail - Thru Hikers Companion 2017 - £7

  • How to Hike the Appalachian Trail: A Comprehensive Guide to Plan and Prepare for a Successful Thru-Hike - By Chris Cage - Free

  • Take A Thru-Hike: Dixie's How-To Guide for Hiking the Appalachian Trail - $6/£5



Visa & Insurance

  • US B/B2 Visa - $160/£124

  • To have the visa delivered - £18

  • Insurance (GlobalLink) - £108



Travel & Accommodation

  • Travel to London - £22

  • London to Gatwick Airport - £14

  • Flights to Atlanta - £354

  • Accommodation in Atlanta - $100/£78

  • Accommodation 2 nights @ Hostel - $60/£47

  • Travel from the airport into Atlanta via- train then Uber to the hostel - $70/£54

  • Travel to Springer Mountain Car Park - $10/£8

  • Flight home from Boston to Manchester - £190



Big Ticket Items

  • Raidlight Sleeping Bag

  • Osprey Auro 50 Backpack - £140

  • Thermarest NeoAir XLite Mattress - Regular £115

  • Tent (Terra Nova 2 man tent) - Borrowed

  • Black diamond walking poles - £44




  • Head torch

  • Batteries X3

  • iPod Shuffle X2

  • Headphones apple

  • iPhone 6

  • Lifeproof Case - £65

  • TeckNet PowerCrest C1 -USB Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power - £12

  • USB Charger Plug Syncwire 4-Port USB Wall Charger - £14




Exped Pack of 4 Dry Bags - Bright - £29

Poncho £2




  • Hammer Electrolytes X2 - £42

  • Bio-Health - Magnesium X2 - £12

  • Bio-Health - Iron & Vitamin C X2 - £8

  • Lamberts - Digestizyme - £12




  • ExOfficio Women's Underwear Bikini Brief £16

  • Invisii -X2 (free)

  • Arita Sports Bra (free)

  • Pink Buff

  • Baseball Cap

  • Sunglasses

  • Walking gloves

  • Thin fleece

  • Stance Socks X3 (free)

  • Cloggies - £4

  • Trainers - Saucony

  • Leggings

  • Thermals to sleep in

  • Top to wear walking




  • Moon Cup - £2

  • Tweezers

  • Tampons

  • Nail file

  • Ibuprofen

  • Imodium

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Sunscreen

  • Hairbrush

  • Deet

  • Compeed X2 - £12

  • Trowel - £2

  • Coghlans Toilet Tissue - White, 2 Pack - £3

  • Bandana X2 - £3

  • Rite In The Rain Unisex Waterproof Notepad, Black, 4 ⅝ x 7-inch - £10

  • Pencil

  • Sea To Summit Alpha Light Long Handled Spoon - £11

  • Life systems Ex4 Anti Mosquito Clothing Treatment - Size 350ml - £11

  • Homeopathic remedies for the traveller - £47



Water System

  • Platypus Hoser 1 Litre Water Bladder & Hose - £14

  • Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System £20

  • OASIS Water Purification (50) Tablets - £2



Total Costs


The biggest chunk of my money £1,017 has been spend on getting my visa, insurance, travel & accommodation paid for.

Which means I’ve spend £664 on gear.

With my most expensive items being my backpack (£140) and my air mattress (£115). However, I really do look at both of these as investment pieces, and hope they will last me longer than my hike.

A pretty pie chart!


However…to be fully transparent…

I’m very fortunate I was able to borrow as tent (thank you Ellen!!), as I would have struggled to pay for it, along with everything else I needed to buy. A tent would have been my largest expense, I was looking at the £350 - £400 range.

My life proof case was a christmas present.

I’ll be catching a lift with a friend from the finish to Boston via car, so I’m not sure what the petrol costs will be.

I still need to add in costs for permits while out on the trail which I think will cost approx. $20

My accommodation for when I’m in Boston will be paid for by my mum as she’s coming over to meet me at the end.


Still to buy…

I need to replace my current shoes and get a new warm down jacket. (I’m still holding out that a company will sponsor me these last few items - If not I will look at buying these over in the States)

I do not have a cooking system (stove, fuel etc) as I’m going to start the hike and see how I get on eating cold food. This may change as the hike goes on.

I also need to buy bear cord, to hand my bear bag, & two large tent pegs - otherwise I think that pretty much covers it!!


Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel so you’ll be able to follow my journey! I’ll be vlogging about the experience! x



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