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Hannah "The Destroyer" Jennings shares more on how to become a badass, level up your strength

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Hannah "The Destroyer" Jennings is a Strength & Mental Process Coach.

For over the past 10 years Hannah has been lifting weights and building an unstoppable mental process to ensure she performs at her best in both competitions and in life.

Hannah has competed at State, National, and World Level Championships. She has been the West Virgina State Lightweight Women (LW) Strongman Champion and holds the World Record in the Mouser Block Press (LW category).

Hannah is a coach who helps female athletes to bust past mental blocks and to level up. She helps women understand what having the right mindset and building strength can truly do for them.

Hannah has a Masters in Sport Science with a background in Powerlifting and Strongman.

“Once the mental process is in place training and life take on a new meaning. The fear, insecurity, self doubt, and frustration are gone and confidence and strength take its place.”

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Show notes

  • Who is Hannah and what she does

  • Growing up in a large family

  • Growing up with 7 brothers and 2 sisters

  • Getting into strength at 15 years old

  • Wanting to get stronger for soccer

  • Role models during her teenage years

  • Being inspired by her older sister and Joan of Arc

  • Going from homeschooling to high school

  • Wanting to become a vet

  • Getting into lifting competitively

  • The journey to competitive lifting

  • Dealing with injury

  • Loving how lifting made her feel

  • Starting in powerlifting

  • Making the transition into strongman

  • Feeling powerful and badass

  • What’s involved in powerlifting and strongman

  • Loving the squat

  • The mental side of competitions - before, during and after

  • Dealing with nerves

  • Focusing on her mental process

  • Breaking it down into smaller steps

  • Handling negative self talk

  • How her confidence has changed

  • Training with periods

  • Am I lazy or tired?

  • Top tips for recovery

  • Why sleep is so important

  • What to do when hitting a strength plateau

  • Learning the art of Patience

  • Nutrition and fueling her workouts

  • Working with a meal prep company

  • Common themes around mindset

  • Future dreams and goals

  • Performing feats of strength

  • Myths around strength

  • Changing the mindset of women and encouraging them to lift weight

  • Advice for women who want to start lifting

  • The power of getting on a program and stick to it for 4 weeks

  • Keeping yourself accountable

  • The benefits of working with a coach

  • Where her nickname came from

  • Turning the negative to the positive

  • Final words of advice to help with your self confidence and self belief


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