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Mina Holder - 36, Primary School teacher who has run the full length of New Zealand & Great Britain!

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Mina is a 36 year old primary school teacher who discovered the beauty of long-distance running in her late 20's. She would say she’s very ordinary and just someone who has a love of long distance running and spending time outdoors.

She hopes by sharing the different challenges and adventures she has, that it might in some way inspire you to take that step to actually do the things you really want to in your life. She believes that just by telling people the things you want to do it will start to make them more of a reality.

So say out loud what you want to do with your life and see what happens!

Mina is not a sponsored athlete, she doesn’t win the races she enters, she is a normal woman who has followed her passions!


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Show notes

  • Based in Wellington in NZ

  • Being someone who loves being outdoors and loves running

  • Not being a runner & being un-sporty

  • Why it all changed in her mid - 20’s

  • Her first Half Marathon…& how she got into long distance running

  • What if she could do the Marathon des Sables?

  • 3 years to train.. the pressure?

  • Training in her final year.. including an ironman!

  • Becoming obsessed with her plan!

  • Training with her partner and by herself

  • Managing her nutrition and food

  • Her highlight from the MDS..

  • Why did you start? What are your reasons?

  • Taking it to the next level and deciding to run the full length of a country!

  • What if….

  • Getting to the start line on the 16th November 2014

  • 77 days on the trail!

  • Getting past the first 7 days and why day 8 she hit a low..

  • What’s going on in her head while she’s out on the trail..

  • Key moments on the trail

  • Dealing with the rivers…

  • The final day, the final 65K & reaching Bluff

  • What happened after the run?

  • Deciding to live on a boat!

  • Deciding on her next challenge!

  • Wanting to see more of Great Britain

  • Planning the GB run

  • Expectations verses reality

  • What’s she learnt from doing these challenges

  • Advice for other women

  • Future plans and ambitions

  • Sisu Not Silence -

  • What her role will be as a supporter of the challenge

  • Family Violence - #ItsNotOk


Learn more about Mina

Twitter - @MinaRunNz


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