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👟 @inov_8 ROCFLY G 350 GTX WOMEN'S - World’s first waterproof hiking shoe with Graphene foam.

Cost: £160 #gifted 

Weight: 350g


Camino Primitivo : 215 miles / 344 km  / 12 days 

South Island, New Zealand : 647 miles / 1036 km /  53 days  

TOTAL: 862 miles / 1,380 km / 65 days 



*I’ve worked with Inov8 since 2020 and have been gifted their trainers and clothes. But I would not still be wearing them if they didn’t work. 

I film all my challenges - and you can see how much wear and tear they go through. 

My review is 100% honest. As much as I love Inov8 and highly recommend them. Their trainers have to work for YOU and everyone’s feet are slightly different. You need to test them out - and see how they fit. 

On to the review. 

The Camino Primitivo - the terrain was very standard; mountain paths, roads, gravel. Nothing out of the ordinary to really test the shoe. 

Te Ararora Trail - South Island.  I wore them all day, every day and they got battered and put through every terrain you could imagine. 

Beaches, roads, mud, swamps, rocks, sea water, river water, gravel, concrete, cycle paths, dirt tracks, grassy fields, farm land etc.  

Comfortable and lightweight

Managed the different elements super well

Waterproof - perfect for when I didn’t need to submerge my feet and I could rock hop, walk in the rain etc and keep my feet dry. 

When the shoes were super wet - they still had grip - I was walking along river beds, or climbing up the river on boulders etc 

Waterproof - when fully submerged and wet - it took ages for them to dry. They don’t dry with heat from a fire - you need sunshine  

The shoe separated from the soul on the final day. The front of the shoes lifted off the base.

About 8k from the finish there was a hole in the bottom part of the shoe (not the soul) - I fixed it with a compeed plaster . 

Amazing ️️️️!!!


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