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Week 7 - It's all about making progress, no matter how slow!


I’ve been trying very hard over the past few weeks to not weigh myself every day. I think I would get frustrated by seeing the number creep up, which is what happened over the first few weeks. I started at 10 stone 2 and went up to 10 stone 4. On average I’ve been staying around the 10 stone 2 mark. I would love to be lighter, but I’m realistic about muscle weighing more than fat, so I’m not overly bothered by my weight at the moment. Although I do love the roundness of the number 10 – therefore to weight 10 stone would be ideal.

I haven’t been under 10 stone since my second year at university when I was 21 years old. I was so fit; I was playing lacrosse for the university 2nd team and also rowing for my college. I was doing lot of exercise every day, whether that was ergo’s in the morning, walking to and from lectures, partaking in lacrosse training sessions, three or four times a week as well as playing in matches at the weekend. I was fit but I was not strong. I wish I’d done more strength training when I was younger. However, I now feel the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.

My measurements each week aren’t really changing very dramatically; I don’t seem to be losing inches, but rather millimetres. The only thing I can think of is I must be losing the inches and weight from other parts of my body. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my stomach and I am starting to see some muscle definition especially just underneath my chest, but I haven’t noticed any change around my lower belly.

It’s like I’m slowly losing weight from the top of my body and it’s gradually making its way down, so the last place I’ll lost it will be my stomach and round my bottom and thighs. I know I’ve lost weight in my chest area as I can see my collar bones are more defined and I can see the ribs below my collar bone - this is not in a gross way, it’s in a fit way!


Week 1 - 10.2

Week 2 - 10.1

Week 3 - 10.2

Week 4 - 10.4 1/2

Week 5 - 10.2 3/4

Week 6 - 10.2 1/2

Week 7 - 10 3/4

Progression Photos - Sorry there's so small!


GetAttachment (1).jpg


GetAttachment (5).jpg
GetAttachment (4).jpg


GetAttachment (3).jpg
GetAttachment (2).jpg

Stomach -Sorry its not the best photo. But you can see a small amound of muscle definition!

GetAttachment (6).jpg

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