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Week 8 - Results!

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Monday the 18th August, it’s my final personal training session with Skooby. I can’t believe it’s been eight weeks since I started this training program. It’s true, what they say, the time will go by whether you do anything or not. I’m so pleased I’ve gone to the gym and spent my time wisely!

I was a bit nervous before I went into my final session. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to achieve my goal to do an unassisted pull up. I’d worked hard for seven weeks to do this, and I didn’t want it to be all for nothing!

I definitely know I’ve gotten stronger, I feel stronger and I look stronger, but it would be really interesting to see how much/if I’ve improved since the first testing session.

We re did all the same tests as we did at the start, power, strength, flexibility and pull ups! I was so pleased with all the results. I'd improved across the board and I managed to do my one unassisted pull up!!

Week 1 - Testing Week 8 - Testing

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Notes on test

Sandbag squats/Box Jumps – I did the maximum amount of reps I could achieve in the time frame. I wasn’t tired and I could have kept going and done more. I’ve definitely improved in both areas.