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Marathon des Sables - Bloggers 2014 & 2015

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I love reading and learning about what other people are doing as part of their training and how they approach such a massive challenge. I think the main thing for me, is everyone is different and there’s no magic formula for the MdS. What works really well for someone is not necessarily going to work well for another. You need to know what works for your body.

I’ve compiled a list of all the MdS bloggers I can find in one place. I’m sure there are many more. If you know of anyone else blogging about the Marathon des Sables, let me know and I’ll add their link in.

There are general themes which come apparent when reading through the blogs.

  • Start training as soon as you can, but don’t over train. Make sure you take rest days.

  • Do strength and conditioning training. (Press ups, plank, body weight squats etc)

  • Test all your kit out before you go to the desert.

  • Set a goal of what you want to achieve in the race.

  • Get insurance!

  • Do some form of hot training, hot yoga, hot baths, spend time in a sauna etc

  • Be conscious of what you pack. The weight of your backpack will have a massive impact on your race.

  • Take the time to enjoy it!

2015 Bloggers

Mandy Davin –

Genis Pieterse –

Hollie Woodhouse –

James Kassapian –

Nichola McAlpine –

Mark Hunt –

2014 Bloggers

I liked reading about their actual race experience, especially how they coped with the long stage!

Iain Aberdeen –

Robert Grace –

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