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December Training Update

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December's been an interesting month for training and when I say interesting I mean rubbish! This has been the worst month I think I’ve ever had, not only did I do very little training but I also over indulge at Christmas and carried it on through to New Years Eve. I’ve not eaten that much food for ages. I very rarely eat bread, but it was there, so I tucked in, lots of lovely white bread smothered in butter! I also drank a lot of booze. The problem is I still think I can drink as much as I could during my ski season; which is not the case anymore. I’m a total lightweight and one glass of wine is enough!

As you can see from below, exercise was sporadic at best and there was no real routine. I think the lack of a routine was one of the main issues for me over December.

To top it all off I still wasn’t feeling 100% and this really impacted on my training. I just couldn’t do as much as I wanted to. The mind was willing, the body was not. To give you an example, I went out for a gentle 5 mile run, I couldn’t even make it a mile before having to stop and walk. Definitely not where I need or want to be.


Bikram Yoga - 2 (90 mins)

Swimming 3 X (approx 30 mins)

Boxing – 2 sessions (1 hour)

Weight sessions - 9 (1 hour session)

Super Teams Event – Dead lift, push press, monkey bars, sprints, skipping, plank to push up, lateral box jumps.

Walking - 12 miles (Time – 3hr 50 mins)

Total Time Training = 19 hrs 20 mins (not including Super Teams)

Oh well, there’s no point looking back with regret, I can’t change the lack of exercise or the food I’ve eaten. All I can do is accept it and move forward and make sure the next few months count.

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