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2000 Followers on Instagram!

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2000 followers on Instagram!

I can’t believe it!


This is such an exciting moment for me. I started the year off with 1000 followers and it’s gradually built over the past two months to 2013 followers!

I use my Instagram account for motivational messages - some of my favourite posts and most popular ones....

Instagram - What's your - I WILL?

I will get strong, I will get fit, I will pus
Instagram - Be crazy....jpg
Instagram - 💓💓Your challenge for today!! 💓💓Dare to be fabulous!!! 💓💓 #chal
Instagram - You have to do it for YOU! Do what you need to do, to achieve your g

Lifting weights...

Instagram - Loving back squats! (60kg)

#strongnotskinny #strongwomen #backsquat

Instagram - I'm smiling...jpg

And recently I’ve started to add photos of when I do talks or events, such as when I was at Wirral Radio or talking at Tomorrow Women Wirral.

Instagram - Let's ban bossy and tell girls they have leadership skills!!

Instagram - I had such a great time chatting with Tony James from Wirral Radio.j

Thank you to everyone for following me on Instagram.

I’m really grateful for all the likes and comments.


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