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Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Australia

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) is made up of 36 domed heads and is often overlooked as most people head straight over to “The Rock”. Kata Tjuta means – ‘many heads’, the domes extend for 6 kilometres through the park with the highest peak rising to 546 m which is 198 m higher than Uluru.

The guided tour took us through the “Valley of the Winds” which provided stunning scenery and the opportunity to learn more about the geology, flora and fauna.

This walk was a little more challenging than the flat walk around the base of Uluru. Here the paths were winding and rocky, with a few steep sections where you needed your hands to scramble up the rock face.

The guides on this tour were fantastic, very friendly and knowledgeable; they shared a few of the very basic creation stories that have been passed down over the millennia by the local Anangu people. The stories talked about the special connection the people felt to the land. One of the great things about Kata Tjuta is that it’s nowhere near as busy as Uluru.

There are two lookout points on the walk.

The first is only 1.1 km from the car park and the second ‘Karingana’ is in between a narrow gap in the rocks, which rises high above the valley below. At this point you’re past half way and the remaining section is mostly downhill and flat.

The view from the second lookout point. We then headed down the middle of the valley which was in the shade!

Veiw on the final section of the walk.

One of the highlights from this tour was the sparkling wine and nibbles provided at the end while you watched the sunset over Kata Tjuta.

This was s fantastic end to another stunning day spent in the National Park.

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