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Top Tips for Walking Snowdon

  • There are lots of routes up Snowdon make sure you pick the right route for you and your party. The routes are all of various lengths and difficulties. Pick the route which fits your experience level.

  • The Llanberis Route is one of the most popular routes and is one of the easiest. This can get very busy during the summer and the weekends. All of the routes are signposted at the start.

  • If you do the Llanberis Path, get to the car park early, it fills up fast. We got there about 8.30 am which was just about perfect. Fifteen minutes after that it started to get really busy with people queuing to get in.

  • The Llanberis Path is about 9 miles there and back and will take around six hours to walk. The ascent is 975 metres.

  • Put Snowdon Mountain Railway into your sat nav and the car park is opposite the station.

  • The car park costs £7 for the day and with that you get a £4 voucher for the Royal Victoria Hotel.

  • You can do the walk in trainers, but I would recommend walking boots. The pathways can be rocky and uneven and it would be very easy to twist an ankle. Having comfy walking boots with ankle support is a must.

  • Wear sunscreen even if it's not sunny, you will catch the sun through the clouds.

  • Check the weather before you go the weather can be unpredictable on Snowdon and can change very quickly.

  • Stick to the pathways.

  • Make sure you’re prepared - see my blog post on what to take.

  • There are not many places on the way up or down to do to the toilet, trying to go outside can be difficult if you’re a girl as there are not many rocks you can go behind.

  • Go for layers instead of big heavy jumpers, as the weather can change quickly. One minute you're hot and sweaty the next your freezing cold as the sun goes behing the clouds.

  • Take enough water with you. I would recommend about two litres.

  • A camel pack is ideal as you can keep sipping as you walk, instead of having to get a bottle out of your bag every ten minutes or so.

  • Take a hat and gloves with you, it can get a lot colder the higher up you get and you want to keep your extremities warm.

  • Look up and around you every once in a while, you can get so focused on walking you can spend the whole day just looking at the ground and where your going to place your feet next you can miss out of the gorgeous views!

  • The summit as Snowdon can get very busy and you'll have to queue to get a picture at the very top.

  • Take some cash with you, there is a cafe and bar at the summit where you can sit down and enjoy a hot drink! You'll have deserved it after your walk to the summit!

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