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What to take when walking up Snowdon.

You don’t need to take a huge amount of stuff with you. Remember, your going to be the one having to carry it. I always try to make my packs as light as possible and just take the bare minimum with me. You want to be prepared, but there’s a balance to getting this right.


The weather on Snowdon is very tricky; one moment the sun is shining and your boiling hot and you need to remove a few layers to cool down. A few minutes later a cold breeze can blow in, the sun goes behind the clouds and your body temperature drops. Your hands and ears feel like they want to drop off! The weather is very changeable and it can change very quickly without you realising it.

The mist and the clouds can start to descend and before you know it visibility is limited. You have to be prepared on Snowdon and making sure you have the right equipment is a must.

This picture shows the clouds slowly rolling in and reducing visability down to only a few feet.

If you’re planning to do a more challenging or adventurous route you’ll want to take more equipment such as maps, a compass, first aid kit etc. If you’re planning on the Llanberis Path you won’t need all of this.


I always go for layers when walking in the mountains. I had a thin top, a fleece and my waterproof jacket. I also had another thin fleece which I carried in my backpack just in case. I did bring waterproof trousers with me, but decided not to take them in the end as I checked the weather and there was no sign of rain.

What I took in my backpack;

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Water - 2 litres

  • Tissues

  • Cash

  • Camera

  • Phone

  • Lip balm

  • Extra fleece

  • Hat & Gloves

  • Food - protein bar, apple, nuts

You don’t need to take a huge amount of stuff with you if you're going to stick to the more popular and easier route. You don't need or want a massive backpack containing everything under the sun.

Optional extra's!

  • Selfie Stick

  • Walking poles

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