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“Sarah, you’re just too much”

Too much what?

Too much fun?

Too much energy?

Too much desire?

Too ambitious?

To driven to succeed?

Am I to much of an alpha female for you?

Does that scare you?

Do I threaten you?

Do you know something…

I’m going to let you into a secret.

I am too much.

I've always been too much and I'm too much for you.

You may not understand now, and you may never get it, but one day you will. You will wake up and realise, what you let go and what you didn’t appreciate at the time because it was your problem, not mine and yet I was the one who felt bad about it.

You made me feel bad and I gave you that power over me.

I gave you that level of control because I trusted you.

I trusted my feeling; my dreams, my hopes and my desires with you, and you let me down. You hurt me. But actually I now realise it was me who hurt me, because I gave away my power, I gave it to you and I shouldn’t have.

I tried to change who I was for you.

I tried to sparkle less, I tried to be less of the women I am today and that’s wrong. You tried to dim my light, to make you feel better and it’s not going to work.

The problem isn’t me or my energy.

The problem you have is with yourself, you just don’t realise yet.

You're looking around and trying to blame other people for your issues.

It will work to start with and it may even make you feel better. But you can never truly be comfortable in your own skin if you have to bring the people closest to you down to make you feel good and deep down you actually know that. But you haven’t fully accepted it yet and you may never fully accept it. You aren’t ready to change yet and no one can force you to.

You need to come to the realisation by yourself.

You may be reading this and think this is about you, and it is.

But unless you decide to take action, and to take responsibility for yourself you will remain stuck where you are, you will not grow or develop as a person and now I only feel pity and sorrow for you.

If you couldn’t cope with me when I shine my brightest, and you felt less bright when you stood close to me.

That’s your problem.

What you failed to see is, I am bright and my glow would have helped you to glow stronger as well. It wouldn’t have diminished you, if wouldn’t have made you less of a person.

It would have made you brighter as a result.

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