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Episode 2 of 52% - Are women funny?

If you’ve stopped to think about your answer to that question and are having a mini debate with yourself - STOP -

The only answer to that question is YES.

Not ALL women are funny, but can women be funny? - YES.

Can men be funny? - YES. Are all men funny? - NO.

Just because women have a vagina and not a penis, doesn't make them any less funny than men.

On Episode 2 of 52%, we tacked this very topic. The 52% show talks about everything and anything going on in Liverpool from the perspective of women. Which are 52% of the population! We got chatting with one of Liverpool’s funniest ladies, Lindzi Germian as we discussed women in comedy and the recent Liverpool Comedy Festival.

You can watch this episode on Bay TVs - YouTube Channel.

I believe it’s much harder for women to break into the comedy circuit than men, as it is with other industries. As soon as the quota is filled, it's like, that’s it, we’ve got one women in the comedy line up, were done, we’ve ticked that box. That’s all we need to do now.

Same with companies, they get one women on the board of directors and it's “Ok guys, were done now, we’ve ticked that box, lets get back to business, and the business of being men”

What’s not funny - is women being paid less than men for doing the same job

What’s not funny - is women being discriminated against because they are women

What’s not funny - only having one women in a comedy line up

What’s not funny - having all male panelists to talk about women's issues

What’s not funny - men and women who think that women aren’t funny

What’s not funny - women who are expected to laugh at mens jokes to make them feel better about themselves

What’s not funny - racist, homophobic and sexist jokes

What’s not funny - joking about rape

What’s not funny - having girls grow up with few female comics around

What’s not funny - having the same men, standing up and telling us the same old jokes

What’s not funny - is still having to talk about this

It's just not funny for women anymore.

What are your thoughts?

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