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55 Ways Women Can Change The World.

There was a really interesting discussion at the end of the Women in Adventure Expo. The topic was; women in the media and women struggling to get sponsorship from companies. There was lots of conversations around this subject and it could have easily turned into a parade of stories of all the things that hadn’t happened, and how hard done by we all are. How it’s just not fair and things need to change, and why isn’t anything being done about it?!

It was getting very close to a sob fest, which I didn’t want.

I don’t want women to play the victim any more and I don’t want the focus to be on all the stuff we can’t control and the things we can’t change now.

Would I like the government to be representative of the country and have 50% of the MPs female - Yes.

Do I want FTSE 100 companies to have 50% of its board members as female - Yes.

Is that going to happen? I do believe - Yes, at some point in the future, but what I’m interested in, is what can we do NOW.

Times have changed, it’s 2015. The world and how the world works has changed. Technology has change how we connect, how we interact, how we work and its impacted on every part of our lives. Because of this we do have power. We don’t need to sit around and wait for other other people to make things happen. We can take the actions now.



Current World - you have to write to a publisher, send them a copy of your manuscript, get them to read it, get contracts and eventually and if you’re very lucky a book would be published. If you’re female you don’t stand an equal change of getting published. The reason J.K. Rowling didn't use her full name, it would have been held against her and the Harry Potter series may not have been published.

New World - you can self publish your work and get it out there for the world to see. You can write your book, hire an editor, have a professional looking cover designed and you can upload it to Amazon and your book can be available all over the world in 24hrs. That is amazing. I have self-published for all my books.


Current World - waiting for a TV company or a production company to do a program with you now. However, they discriminate and they only want stereotypical looking women to be on the TV, you need to have a certain look . Generally you need to be thin, pretty, great smile and attractive. You have to have the look.

They have all the power of what to put on our TV screens. They choose what they’re putting out there, and they put the same programs out, with the same type of people. It’s so boring! It’s been so done.

I’m sick of seeing just male adventures and male sports stars on the TV.

Would I like TV companies to wake up and realise that women like sports, women like being active and women like adventure - Yes.

Would I like them to cater for 52% of the population - YES.

Is change going to happen - Yes - eventually. But I don’t want to wait anymore.

New World - Everyone has a camera on their phone these days. You can record yourself - Vlog (Video Blog) - upload it on to Youtube. You can live stream on Periscope.

You don’t even need a special camera, you can do this with your phone! You can start your own TV channel and this is what I’m going to do. Tough Girl TV has a nice ring to it!

You can learn how to record, how to edit and you can put out your own content yourself. It may not be perfect when you start, but do you know what, you’ll get better over time. The key thing is to just start.


Current world - You need to find a journalist to write and publish your story.

New world - You can start a blog - its free! That way you can publish your own content, you can say what you want to say, and say it how you’d say it. Just by being yourself. People get that and understand it. There will be a market for your content. Someone out their will be interested in what you have to say, share your story with the world.


Current world - marking and advertising: expensive and costly - TV, radio, magazines, leaflets etc.