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I’m in Melbourne - Australia!!!

I’ve shared this on the Tough Girl Podcast but not on my blog!

A few months ago the opportunity came up for me to head to Australia to train in the heat for four months and I thought - YES!!!!! HELL YES!!!! I need this!!

So on the 26th December, with my bags packed I left the cold of the UK and boarded a plane for the 24hr flight over to Melbourne.

Long haul flights in economy are never fun, but do you know what, I got to catch up with some movies, do some reading and sleep a little bit. It wasn’t all bad!!

As you may or may not know, I hate the cold! I mean, I really hate being cold and I hate running in cold places. The thought of having to run long distances in training for the MDS in the UK, when it’s windy, with grey skies, and cold air that penetrates and gets into your bones - really does do nothing for me at all.

Now running in the sunshine; in the heat, with blue skies overhead, next to a beach. That’s something I can get onboard with!

So what a perfect opportunity, one which I could not say no to!!

I’ve purposely designed Tough Girl Challenges so I can run it from anywhere in the world, as in the future, I want to do more travelling. So the blogging and podcasting will continue while I’m in Melbourne.

I did have to put my TV work in the UK on hold, which is a shame. But I’ll be back on The 52% Show in the UK for the final episode of Season 3 which will air at the end of April.

I do want to do some vlogging while I’m over here as Tough Girl TV has been on my mind and I’d love to share some of my training runs and what I’m getting up to on the other side of the world with you guys! Watch this space….

If anyone is over in Melbourne and fancies meeting up for a run or a smoothie - just message me you can also send me a tweet @_TOUGH_GIRL.

It would be awesome to meet up with listeners of the Tough Girl Podcast while I’m in Australia!!

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