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Become a Patron of the Tough Girl Podcast!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website supporting creatives as they go about their work. It’s a way for the listeners and supporters of the podcaster to help them finance the costs involved in hosting and running a successful podcast.

It involves a patron (YOU!) - donating a small amount e.g. $1, $3, $5 etc every month to help the podcaster do their work. It’s a way of providing a small financial assistance on an ongoing basis.

I’ve now created a patrons account and have a variety of different options available for supporters to contribute financially to support the Tough Girl Podcast.


I want to grow and develop the Tough Girl Podcast and increase the amount of episodes I put out each week. I’m limited to one episode per week at the moment, as I don’t have the resources to increase it.

If I could hire an editor, to edit and produce the podcasts it would free up my time to focus on; engaging with future guests, getting them booked in. I could focus on researching before the interview and doing the actual interviewing. As well as spending time marketing, promoting and engaging with the members of the Tough Girl Tribe and community.

My goals!

  • I want all the episodes transcribed.

  • I wants all the podcasts to have a sketch note attached to them.

  • I want to increase the number of listeners, subscribers and downloaders.

  • I want to produce a physical book containing; the tough girl artwork, transcripts, sketch notes, top tips and advice and I want every girl in the UK to get a copy.

  • I want them to have a resource of amazing women they can look up to. I want them to know about the women who are out there living their lives, who are dominating, who are fit, who are active, who take on big challenges.

  • I want them to be inspired to follow their dreams. I want them to be empowered, encouraged, motivated and this is what the Tough Girl Podcast is doing.


To expand and take it to the next level, I need resources; I need money, I need assistance, I need help. I can’t do this on my own.

I love hosting and producing the Tough Girl Podcast and I’m so honoured to speak to the women I speak to and I’ll continue to do so. But… If I could speed it up - I will!

I will reach my goal of 100,000 downloads, I will have all the episodes transcribed and shared on the Tough Girl Blog. I will have all the episodes drawn up in a sketch note form. I will get a physical book produced which contains all of this information. It may take me 6 months, 1 year, it may take me 5 years!

One of the things I hope you realise by now is.… I don’t give up… I don’t quit and I make the things I’m passionate about happen. Come on the Journey - Be Involved! You can help to make this dream a reality, you can support the Tough Girl Podcast NOW! At the very start! You can be the patron I need.

You want to help!

If you want to be involved, then please sponsor what you can afford. Whether that's $1 per month or $10 per month. It all adds up!

If I got 50 patrons each pledging $1 per month. This would be $600 by the end of the year. Which would be enough for me to get the remaining podcasts of 2015 transcribed!

If 50 patrons pledged $2 per month - it goes up to $1200.

Total cost to you would be $24 which is GBP £17.20 - Less than £20 A YEAR - To support the Tough Girl Podcast, a podcast that’s motivated you, inspired you and will continue to do that - every single week!

It's a WIN WIN!! I get financially supported and you get more inspirational women to listen to.

Would you support the Tough Girl Podcast - $5 a month?

Cost $60 a year for 52 guaranteed episodes (maybe more!)

That’s £43.25 - Less than a £1 per podcast episode!

Ask yourself this question - When you listen to the podcast do you get at least a £1 worth of value each time you listen?

YES! - Become a PATRON. Become a supporter of the Tough Girl Podcast.

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