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Tough Girl - Lois Pryce a British travel writer, who explores the world on her motorbike!

Tough Girl Lois Pryce

In 2003 Lois decided she’d had enough of working at the BBC and decided to leave it all behind to take a trip on her motorcycle. She headed to Alaska and started the twenty-thousand miles journey down to the southern most tip of South America. This was the start of many epic adventures.

During this podcast Lois shares the reasons behind the decisions she’s made, the highs, the lows, what she’s learnt on the way and why everyone should take a trip and go travelling.

Show notes

-Lois introduces herself and shares more of her story; how being a bored 29 year old, passing her motorcycle test and having itchy feed led to the adventure of a lifetime

-Deciding to make a big change in her life and how you can make that change

-Deciding to get her motorcycle licence and why she decided this was the way to see the world

-Planning and preparing for the 20,000 mile ride

-Dealing with FEAR - your own and others

-Why you do need to modify your behaviour and apply common sense to situations

-Crossing the border from California into Mexico

-Having a goal to keep you focused and something to aim for

-The challenges she faced while out on the road; crashes, breaking down, getting lost!

-What she learnt about herself while travelling

-Her feelings on getting to the end of the trip

-Taking on Africa - “The greatest motorcycle challenge in the world!”

-Why it’s always about the people the meet

-The logistic of travelling - Map reading, GPS systems, getting lost in big cities!

-Why she decided to go to Iran

-Her top tips for women who want to go travelling or go on an adventure!

Say hi to Lois on twitter @LoisPryce - I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

For more info on Lois & her adventures check out her website!


Her book about her first trip through the Americas, Lois on the Loose, has been published throughout the world.

Red Tape & White Knuckles is her 2nd books about riding the length of Africa in 2006, taking in the Sahara, the Congo and Angola

In 2013/14, intrigued by the negative image of Iran and its stormy relationship with her homeland, she made two solo motorcycle tours of the Islamic Republic – and discovered a misunderstood country full of warmth and kindness. This is the subject of her next book.

Revolutionary Ride which will be coming out in January 2017.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2016

Lois co- founded The Adventure Travel Film Festival with her husband. This will be happening in the UK on the 12-14th August - You can get your tickets HERE!

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