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Which part of training do you enjoy most?

I love it when the sky is blue, the sun is shinning, and I get in the flow whilst out running.

It just happens, you stop thinking about mileage, you stop thinking about problems, you stop thinking about the future, you stop thinking about your body, or your legs or your lungs.

You're in flow and in the zone, and everything is just working in synch.

Your arms are moving rhythmically, your feet, hardly seem to be touching the ground, but the scenery is going past quickly.

You know where your going and what you're doing, and your on automatic pilot, you get about ten or twelve miles in and you still feel strong and you can either start to pick up the pace or you can decide to go a little bit further, because you just feel so good.

That’s what I love about training, I like the feel of sweat on my skin, I love the feel of the fresh air on my face, and the sun warming the back of my legs, you can’t beat it plus you’ll get the endorphin rush, and its a feeling like no other!

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