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Belinda Kirk - An International Expedition Leader and Founder of Explorers Connect.

Tough Girl - Belinda Kirk

Belinda has worked on numerous major international expeditions over the last 22 years; as a diver, field biologist, expedition leader, expedition manager, and award winning adventure film-maker.

She founded Explorers Connect with the belief, “there is an explorer in everyone and adventure is one of the best things in life”.

Her goals are to; inspire and support the adventure community through collaboration and connections.

Show notes

  • Having a wild childhood and growing up feral on a small island

  • How the Duke of Edinburgh Award changed the direction of her life

  • Making the decision when she was 18 years old to spend a year working and traveling in Africa

  • Dealing with the challenges that Africa threw her way and why she decided to continue travelling

  • Why heading off to Africa on her own was the best decision she ever made

  • Leadership skills and what makes a good leader

  • Her rowing challenge around Great Britain and getting a Guinness World Record at the same time

  • Why she decided on this rowing challenge and why she needed to do something that she could fail at

  • Why she set up Explorers Connect

  • Advice about money and funding for expeditions

  • The adventure industry and how it has changed over the years

  • Why women are changing the adventure industry slowly and what you can do to help to keep the momentum going

  • Final words of advice to inspire you to go on your own adventure and why you need to start now!!!


Say hi to Belinda on twitter @ExplorersTweet - I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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