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Tough Girl - Emily Penn - Skipper, ocean advocate and artist dedicated to studying environmental cha

Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist; a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Architecture; and Director of global organisation Pangaea Explorations. Emily is the youngest and only female recipient of Yachtmaster of the Year, awarded by HRH Princess Royal after rounding the planet on the record-breaking biofuelled boat, Earthrace; spending 6 months living on a tiny Tongan island organising the largest ever community led cleanup; and discovering previously unknown oceanic gyres – huge areas of marine plastic pollution accumulation.

Her organisation, Pangaea Explorations, specialises in enabling scientists, filmmakers and everyday people to explore the most remote parts of our planet to collect data on global issues and develop solutions to the challenges facing today’s society.

Show notes

  • Emily introduces herself and shares more about what she does and why she loves the ocean

  • Joining the boat “EarthRace” at 21 and having the opportunity to travel the world.

  • What Emily learnt about herself while traveling at such a young age and how it changed the direction of her life

  • What the ocean taught her about living in the moment and why you need to reacts and respond to your external circumstances.

  • Explaining the role of ocean advocate and what she does to create positive change

  • Heading out to Tonga to help educate the people, work with the local government, and arranging a massive clean up of the coast line

  • The Pangaea Exploration

  • Studying the plastic pollution of the oceans and how micro plastics are impacting on the planet

  • Exploring Greenland by sailing along the North West Passage & seeing the raw beauty of the Arctic

  • Becoming a skipper and what she’s learnt about leadership from the role

  • Her first big trans-atlantic crossing & the challenges she faced and overcame

  • Feeling like a fraud and faking it till you make it

  • Exploring Mindsets & why a shift in thinking can change the world

  • Exploring the Mississippi

  • Questions to ask yourself in order to find out your values

  • Finding out what’s next for Emily and why she heading back to land


Emily Penn Website

Emily Penn twitter @EmilyPenn

Instagram @MissEmilyPenn

Emily Penn on Facebook

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