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Tough Girl - Lowri Morgan is a ultra endurance marathon runner! We talk about the Jungle Ultra Marat

In 2010 Lowri was the sole finisher of The 6633 Ultra, which is a notoriously difficult 350 mile non-stop footraces held in the Arctic over 8 days. In doing so, she became the 6th person to cross the finish line.

As well as running, Lowri has travelled the world, seen the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, raced in the 3 Peaks Yacht Race as well as being the Welsh Governments #YearofAdventure Ambassador!



  • Lowri introduces herself and tells everyone a little bit more about her background

  • Growing up in Wales and where she gets her stubbornness from

  • How her first passion was music and she dreamt of being a classical singer

  • Changing her path to becoming a TV presenter and going on to become an adventurer

  • Being one of only 80 people in the world to see the wreck of the Titanic

  • Being told at 18 that she would never run again, and what the impact was on the rest of her life

  • Her mental strength, where it comes from and the race that pushed her to breaking point

  • Why it’s important to have belief in yourself, and how to deal with insecurities

  • Why she is always the most prepared person on the start line

  • Why you have to be determined, why you have to work hard and why you will get to your destination in the end

  • Thinking she wasn’t going to make it out of the jungle after being bitten by a swarm of hornets

“Glory is not by never falling, but in the way we rise when we do fall”

  • After her body gave up while running in the jungle her mind took over and it was a spiritual moment for her which she has carried with her since

  • Why she believes all women can do whatever they want

  • How she prepared physically for the jungle ultra and what she learn’t over the 18 months training

  • Going from running 40 miles a week to running 100 miles a week with a15kg backpack

  • What she did for mental training!

  • Getting the balance right while training and running such huge distances

  • Being told she may need a pace maker as she has a genetic heart condition and how she’s changed her way of training

  • Fitting in training with having a young family

  • Why failure can make the successes so much sweeter

  • Risk & fear, and how this has changed over the years with having a family

  • Coping with the extreme cold when it’s -72 with the wind chill & why she would love to go back to the Arctic

  • Being the sole finisher of The 6633 Ultra in 2010 which made her the 6th person in the world to finish

  • Her sprint home from mile 100 & why distances are all relative and why you need to break races down into chunks

  • Her next challenge and what she’d like to do in the future

  • Final words of advice on why the hardest thing is having to face your fear

  • Extra Bonus content at the end re the 3 Peaks Yacht Race!

Keep up to date with Lowri and her adventures by visiting her website

On twitter? Come say hi to Lowri @_LowriMorgan

I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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