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Tough Girl - Jenna Downing - Inline skating World Champion, 10 x British Champion and is a X-Games s

Jenna has competed in rollerblading events since she was 8 years old.

During that time she has amassed a lifetime of awards while competing across the globe in televised and major international events.

Jenna turned professional at age 12 which made her the youngest female skater in the world to ever turn pro!



  • Growing up in a single parent family

  • Getting her first pair of skates and falling in love

  • Being told that skating wasn’t for girls and not being allowed in the skate park

  • When her competitive career really started

  • Her first competition being the only girl and getting last place

  • Having the judges ignore her while she skated, all because she was a girl

  • What motived her to get better and what motivated her to become a world champion skater

  • Where her determination comes from and who’s inspired her on the way

  • Starting to compete internationally at 11 years old and competing at the European Championships

  • Bouncing back from setbacks and going back to her 2nd European Championships and winning Gold!

  • Becoming a professional skater at 12 years old and breaking a world record by becoming the youngest professional skater ever!

  • Why she likes proving people wrong

  • Why hard work does pay off!

  • Creating bigger and bigger goals and going for gold at the world championships

  • The challenges she faces while being a professional, trying to study while being a professional. Dealing with setbacks as a result of injury

  • Going backwards in the world ranking every year for 6 years and how the gold medal was slipping further and further away

  • Losing the feeling in her arm, and then losing the feeling in her feet and face

  • Being diagnosed with MS a disease of the central nervous system right before the world championships and why she almost gave up

  • Standing on the podium as world champion and why it was a dream come true

  • Why visualisation has played a huge role in her life as well as focusing on her mindset and being able to block out the negativity

  • Why you need to just focus on what you can control - “control the controllable"

  • Dealing with fear and why you have to have believe in yourself - there is no room for any doubt

  • Making the decision to retire and deciding on a new path working with young people

  • What she’s learnt from her professional skating career that you’ll be able to apply to your life

  • Her next big goal - Wheels Extreme - which aims to improve the lives of young people

  • Why you should stick to what you are passionate about

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