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Erin Bastian - Sea and wildwater kayaking, with expeditions to Sardinia & Patagonia!

Erin Bastian is a sea kayak explorer like no other. Adventure is her life. She’s embarked on many expeditions, trying to achieve the impossible and as a result is continually having to raise the bar.

From an early age Erin was drawn to exploring the dramatic coastlines around her hometown, Cornwall, where she was able to connect with nature and gain a unique perspective of the cliffs. At the age of 15, Erin started working in the outdoor industry and has since become a qualified Sea Kayak Coach, which has allowed her to work during the summer season and organise epic adventures in the off-season to the likes of Patagonia, Peru, Nepal, Norway, Tanzania, Mexico and Sardinia.

One of Erin’s latest expeditions was to Patagonia where she and two others embarked on a 33-day self supported kayaking adventure. Paddling through the wilds of this remote region they dealt with extreme weather, discovered glaciers, fought against strong tidal currents and navigated through a maze of canals. During this episode we learn more about Erin, and the extraordinary challenges’ she’s embarked on!

Show notes

  • Growing up in Cornwall by the sea

  • Taking advantage or the opportunities available to her

  • Finding her passion at a young age

  • Feeling powerful playing sports

  • How Erin progressed on her journey and how work experienced helped her to take the next steps

  • Leaving school and trying to decide what was going to be next

  • Her first big solo challenge!

  • Why she picked Sardinia - a massive 850

  • Dealing with the biggest storm in 30 years!

  • Planner or not a planner?

  • Only doing 750km and why she felt like a failure and why it was the making of her

  • What Erin has learned from her first expedition that she’s been able to apply to her own life and future expeditions

  • Heading to Patagonia and taking it to the next level - why she went for bigger and better!

  • Learning more about the journey! The start and being dropped off in the middle of nowhere!

  • Being committed to the 800Km journey and having to step up

  • Day to day living and the highlights from the journey

  • The W Trek

  • Adjusting back to normality after the challenge

  • Her new mission and going on an expedition with girls!

  • Changing peoples perceptions & #RethinkImpossible

  • Her next challenge the GR20!

  • Being nominated for the World Paddle Awards!

  • Living in Chamonix for the Ski Season and being able to use it for training for GR20

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