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Tough Girl Tribe - 7 Women - 7 Challenges 2017!

As I’ve been on this podcasting journey, I've been learning every step of the way, whether that’s on how to interview better, how to connect with guests or how to edit and produce a slicker podcast.

I’ve always wanted to ensure I engage with my audience and provide value at every opportunity.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to meet up with many listeners from the podcast, from meets up in Snowdon, to our first pub social in Bristol!

I’ve been getting feedback from you all about what you want and how I can add value by using the platform as a way to spread my message of motivation and inspiration.

I've interviewed elite athletes, explorers of the world, and women who've done phenomenal challenges from swimming across the English Channel, to running around and the length of countries!

Hearing their stories is inspiring and I've learnt a huge amount from all of the women!

However, what many of you have said is they're too elite, they're already at a high level, they're fit, active and have being doing this all their lives.

They are professional athletes and do this full time. But its not realistic for women who are mothers, who are carers, who are married and have full time careers.

How do those women go and do challenges? Fit in the training? and have the time to do it all?

In response, I reached out to the tough girl tribe and shared the following FB post

The response I got was phenomenal! 67 likes and 54 comments, it had obviously hit a nerve!

In response I created for the Tribe - 7 Women - 7 Challenges in 2017 & asked the Tribe members to apply and apply they did!!! But I was also conscious that the women I most wanted to engage with may not want to put their hat in the ring so to speak! So I did an update to encourage even more women to apply!

Thank you to everyone who has applied, thank you to everyone who has voted and thank you for being a part of this!!!

I will be sharing more details of the 7 women & the 7 challenges soon!!

Please do come and join the Tough Girl Tribe if you haven't already!!

Join the tribe!

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