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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Thursday 5th October - Update 7 women - 7 challenges...


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Show notes

  • New hard drive - laptop is back working again!

  • 7 Women - 7 Challenges

  • Catching up with Jen Dxyhoorn

  • Talking about PhDs & funding

  • Feedback on 7 women - 7 challenges

  • Plans for 7 women in 2018

  • 8 women - 8 challenges in 2018?

  • Not achieving my goals

  • Planning to move out of home…

  • Next steps for me?

  • Starting work again for Camp America

  • Needing to earn money

  • Speaking to Jo Jo on Monday

  • Masters printing all done for my 2 modules this term

  • Wanting to do all the reading!!!

  • Being an active reader and needing paper for study

  • Kindle for books

  • UTS (Underground Training Station) Foundation launch

  • Being inspired by Dave Bolton

  • Free Friday!

  • Have an amazing day!

  • Check out

  • Update on the vlogs - they are coming!!!

  • Less than 100 days till christmas

  • Big love!!! xx


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