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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Monday 16th October - Time to get back to the gym!!!

Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Sunday 15th October - Blog post - 4 Things The Women’s Adventure Expo Taught Me - By Emily Woodhouse


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Show notes

  • Time to get back to the gym

  • Catching up with Chris Thomas

  • 10 weeks of PT

  • New fitness goal - Getting my pull up back and running a fast mile

  • Feedback from his training plan

  • What could I have done differently in training for the AT

  • New Tough Girl Podcast coming out tomorrow - Meike Stones

  • Awesome interview with Megan Hine

  • Saving it for Christmas!

  • Christmas Special - 26th December

  • Storm Ophelia..

  • Applying for a job -“Earn more or spend less”

  • Still so much to do….

  • Whole body is knackered!

  • Sorry about e-mails and lack of response

  • Have an amazing Monday

  • Should I start setting an alarm??

  • Doing what I can do

  • Do what you can do!

  • Big love xx


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