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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Friday 20th October - Uni work & Thinking about the men….!!!

Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Tuesday 17th October - DOMS & Dishes!!!!


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Show notes

  • Staying at a B&B

  • Early breakfast

  • Heading straight to the library

  • Working with R.W. Connell - Journal time… getting men involved in gender equality

  • Research into UN Women

  • Thinking about my essay topic and linking it into the UN

  • Thinking about doing an internship with UN Women and working in New York

  • 5,000 word essay… still formulating ideals

  • Academic wording….

  • Getting my head around the academic language

  • Being out of my comfort zone

  • How much work I have to do

  • Week 2 is over!

  • Scary how time is moving by

  • Full on day of uni work

  • Day 71 for the vlog…. issues with getting it uploaded to youtube…

  • Plans for tomorrow

  • I want to edit 7 women - 7 challenges!!!

  • Have an awesome Friday

  • Big love xx


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