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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Monday 27th November #MotivationalMonday

Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Tuesday 17th October - DOMS & Dishes!!!!


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Show notes

  • Productive day - 2 podcasts edited!

  • Anna Blackwell will be on the TGP tomorrow

  • Jen Bricker - born with no legs- very fascinating story about how she overcame challenges in her life

  • New Patrons - Seanna ?

  • Update post in the Tough Girl Tribe

  • Comments from the tribe

  • £1.53 a month

  • Vlog 97 is key!

  • Stopping the negative chit chat in my head

  • What’s going to happen to Patreon?

  • 1st day wanting to get hot and sweaty

  • Sorry for the overshare!

  • Front squats

  • Catching up with Di

  • Corporate Sponsorship 2018?

  • Study tomorrow.. & Wednesday

  • Hope you had an awesome Monday

  • Tune in tomorrow for a new podcast episode & vlog!


If you have questions regarding the Marathon des Sables - Please read - Tough Girl Sahara Challenge

If you have questions regarding climbing Kilimanjaro - Please read - Kilimanjaro Tips for The Top


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