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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Friday 1st December - So much chat!!!! Patrons, Uni & working life…

Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Tuesday 17th October - DOMS & Dishes!!!!


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Show notes

  • Count down till the family are here!

  • Patreon - How I make an income…

  • Feeling despondent

  • Youtube stats

  • Patreon money…declining each month…

  • “The creator wasn't engaging like I expected”

  • Having a boost in patrons!!

  • I hate asking for money

  • Excited for new patrons! Goal $1,000 - $2,000 per month

  • Lancaster - Gender, Sex & Bodies - technology and reproduction

  • Critical Debates in Media Studies - Exam Question…

  • Aura & Celebrity…. Angelina Jolie… 29th January…

  • Plans for next week - Race & Black Feminism

  • Traffic :-(

  • Vlogging…. Vlogmas???

  • Stopping the daily podcast?

  • Summit Day Vlog - Day 100

  • Final push for goals 2017

  • 2018….

  • 1 Million Downloads?!



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