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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Thursday 14th December - Doing the best I can…

Sunday 10th December - Emotional vlogs (Day 97) & changes to Patreon


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Show notes

  • Gym time.. so weak…

  • Gender Essay… Gender - RW Connell

  • Phone calls… 7 women - 7 challenges

  • Presentation tomorrow…

  • Losing a friend..

  • Being focused when you go after your goals

  • I’m doing the best I can do

  • I can’t give anymore

  • I’m off from the 25th December…

  • Getting things ticked off

  • Presentation tomorrow

  • Patreon - no changes!!!

  • 8 women - 8 challenges

  • The year of….

  • Check out

  • Become a patron -


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