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Written by Emily Woodhouse - Adventurer | Entrepreneur | Writer | Cyclist | Mountain Rescue

Twitter - @TravellingLine

Be Yourself - Know Yourself - Challenge Expectations


1. I feel like an imposter… but I’m not

2. Even the “proper” adventurers are winging it

3. Thousands of social followers doesn’t stop you from being a person

4. Nothing beats doing things in person

TAKE AWAY: We don’t appreciate the things we do every day. They’re so much a part of our life that we forget they might be interesting to other people.

TAKE AWAY: Just have a go. Don’t wait to be perfect. Don’t wait to be qualified. Make it up as you go along, you just have to start.

TAKE AWAY: Behind each social media account lies a person just like me and you. Don’t forget that!

TAKE AWAY: Reader: if you want to become an adventurer, go on adventures.

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