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Felicity Aston MBE - first woman to ski alone across Antarctic.

Felicity Ashton MBE - first woman to ski alone across Antarctic.

British polar explorer Felicity Aston MBE became the first woman in 2012 to ski alone across Antarctica. It was a journey of 1744km that took 59 days to complete and which gave her a place in the book of Guinness World Records.

During this podcast Felicity shares her experiences of how she prepared both mentally and physically for this journey.

Felicity also talks about the following:

-What first got Felicity interested in polar exploration

-How she coped with preparing for her first expedition

-Being 19 and heading off to the unknown for the first time

-Tips on building self confidence

-How to retain your femininity in a male dominated environment

-How to cope with criticism

-Staying true to yourself

-Her first job… moving to the Antarctica for 2.5 years!

-Why she decided to ski across Antarctica

-What skills she needed to develop before setting off on this challenge

-What it felt like at the very start, when she was suddenly alone on the Antarctica coast

-Preparation for being alone

-Mental hygiene

-Why its about where your heads at, and not the physical challenge

-What Felicity took away from the challenge and has used going forward

-Making progress & moving forward

-Keeping focused

-How not to get overwhelmed by your goals

-What a typical day on the ice was like

-Why routines are so important & how you can apply them to your life

-Returning to life in the real world

-Being present and being in the moment

-The next challenges Felicity faced

-Top tips for dealing with the cold


Social Media

Felicity is on twitter @Felicity_Aston

Her website is


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