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Jessi Stensland - Elite multi-sport athlete and movement specialist

Jessi Stensland - Elite multi-sport athlete and movement specialist

Jessi is the founder and creator of MovementU. Jessi has had a long and distinguished career over the past twenty years, with national and international wins. In 2004 she won the Half Ironman Mexico, her first attempt at that distance. The highlight of her career was the Olympic journey which culminated with the 2004 US Olympic Triathlon Trials where she finished 4th and 6th among the American women.

Jessi is a lover of life, a woman who loves learning about herself and pushing herself to the limits, she’s traveled the world and is passionate about motivating and inspiring others to lead fit and healthy lives.

Her bio on twitter says - “Requires a bit of epic in every day”. By listening to this podcast you will get that epic. Jessi discusses how she first got into fitness, what drove her to move across country at a young age to pursue her passion for triathlon and why she turned professional. She talks through challenges she faced and the choices she's made. She shares advice and wisdom and is a passionate and motivated speaker.

Jessi is still on her journey and she’s learning more about herself everyday and she willing to share the knowledge she’s gained.


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For more information on Jessi please see her website, she is also on Facebook and twitter @JessiStensland.

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