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Mimi Anderson - Endurance Runner & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder!

Mimi Anderson - Endurance Runner & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder!

During this episodes we chat with Mimi Anderson, who describes herself as a wife, mother and grandmother, who likes to run. We get to share in some of Mimi many challenges, from racing in some of the most extreme environments on the planet, from the heat of the desert to the bitter cold of the Arctic. She shares her experiences, the highs the lows, and what she learnt from the races. She provides advice and tips and will inspire you to put your trainers on and go for a run!

During this podcast we also discuss the following:

  • Why she decided to start running & when she called herself a runner for the first time

  • Making the change from the treadmill to running outside

  • The 6633 Ultra Race - A 350 mile non stop, self sufficient race in the Arctic.

  • Training for the event and having a plan for the race

  • What it was like being in that environment

  • Coping with being on her own during the race - and getting away from it all

  • Coping with the cold and dealing with temperatures of -70!

  • Why you don't want to sweat in the Arctic

  • The highs and the lows and how she dealt with them and what got her through her darkest moments

  • Achieving her goal of winning the 6633 Ultra Race

  • The importance of having a race plan, doing your research and being prepared

  • Her 2008 challenge - Going for the Female World Record - JOGLE

  • How she learned from failure and how she became stronger as a result

  • The challenges she faced; from having her body swell up, being hit by a car, and being stopped by the police!

  • Recovery after big races - her 3 top tips!

  • Why quality training is so much better than just training for the sake of training

  • Learning more about the Double Badwater Race and what its like running in extreme temperatures

  • Tips and advice for running in the heat

  • What makes Mimi so determined

  • The ultra running community


You can listen to The Tough Girl Podcast on the go via iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

Listen to Mimi NOW! Click the PLAY button below!!



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