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Pip Hare - Professional ocean racing sailor who was part of the all female team who won the 3 Peaks

Pip Hare is a professional ocean racing sailor, with a wealth of experience over the past 16 years in the marine industry, clocking up over 120,000 miles across the worlds’ oceans, including the Pacific, the Atlantic and as far south as Patagonia.

With steely determination and a high ambition, Pip achieved has taken part in a major short handed Ocean Racing campaign every year since her first OSTAR in 2009.

Since this first race Pip has become the Only British Sailor to every finish the coveted international mini transat race twice as well as winning the 2010 Two Handed Round Britain and Ireland Race overall with co-skipper Phil Stubbs.

In 2016 Pip was part of Team Aperito, for the 3 Peaks Yacht Race, which was led by Elin Haf Davies – (Who has also been on the Tough Girl Podcast)– the sailors on the team were Pip and Nikki Curwen, – and the runners were TV presenter and Ultra racer Lowri Morgan and Jo Jackson.


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Show notes

  • Suffering from the cold

  • Being based in Poole

  • Racing in the Caribbean

  • Getting Pip to introduce herself

  • Growing up in London before moving over to East Anglia

  • Sailing from a young age, but not really enjoying it

  • Developing a passion for sailing while doing her A’level

  • Taking a year out after A’levels and getting her Yacht Master & sailing on tall ships

  • Starting to become aware of single handed ocean racing

  • Making a decision about university and telling her family

  • Could she have a career in the sailing industry

  • Remembering back to the first time she was out of site of land

  • The big difference between being isolation and being lonely

  • Dealing with a lack of confidence and not going after her dreams until she was 35

  • Her first single handed ocean race from Uruguay to the UK which took 58 days

  • Finding a sponsor and why she decided to try

  • How to plan for sailing across the Atlantic!

  • Physical fitness and how she gets herself ready for a crossing

  • How sleeping works while out on the ocean, and why she has learnt how to capnap

  • Training her body over the years to cope with the conditions on the ocean

  • The race which stands out as the most memorable

  • How to qualify for the Mini Transat

  • Taking the next step up

  • Winning the 2010 Round Britain & Ireland Race

  • Planning and strategy for racing

  • What she loves about ocean racing

  • The Three Peaks Yacht Race - one of the most epic endurance races the world has to offer

  • How the team came together in a very short time period

  • The sailing and the transitions

  • Doing the Three Peaks Yacht Race in July 2017 as a pair!

  • Top tips and advice for you!


“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”


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