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Robyn Baldwin - Alpha Female, MS Warrior & OCR Lover.

Robyn Baldwin is not your typical women, she’s a hard one to define. She’s a girly girl, who in her own words is a little vain and does fitness and exercise as she wants to look good naked!

But there’s the other side; the career women, the women who’s driven to achieve not only in her career but in anything she sets her mind to; whether that’s being a bikini competitor or competing at an elite level in obstacle course races. She’s ambitious, driven and has a strong personality and I like her. I want to be around her, she inspires me and after talking to her, she’s made me feel, its ok to be an Alpha Female and its ok to be driven and its ok to go after what you want. She doesn’t hold herself back for anyone, therefore I’m not going to hold myself back and after listing to this podcast you won’t be holding yourself back anymore.

Robyn, may seem like the perfect poster child of a woman who has it all going for her; pretty, smart and outgoing, but behind that image she’s been through and handled a lot. We only talk briefly about the toxic relationship she was in a few years ago, but this has obviously had a profound effect on her life and the direction her life has taken her. The difficulties she endured has made her a stronger person and she’s learn’t from that and put what she learned into practice.

In December 2014 she was diagnosed with MS and she shares very honestly what this impact has had on her life and how she’s approaching and handling the diagnosis.

As well as holding down a full time job, dealing with an incurable disease, Robyn, is living life to the full, she’s setting herself challenges and goals, she’s keeping fit and doing what she loves. You can’t fail to be motivated by her outlook on life and how she approaches every challenge that comes her way.

Robyn is a Tough Girl and she’s a role for other MS suffered out there and an inspiration for other women who’ve been in a toxic relationship or are still in a toxic relationship and need to get out.

Robyn is on twitter @RobynBaldwin, I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL please do send us a tweet once you’ve listened to this podcast episode. Don’t forget to subscribe and I would love for you to leave a review and share the podcast with your friends and family.

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Have a fantastic week and I’ll be with you all next Tuesday for another awesome episode of the Tough Girl Podcast. Thanks for listening!

Sarah x

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