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Sally Kettle - World Record Two-Time Atlantic Ocean Rower

Sally Kettle - World Record Two-Time Atlantic Ocean Rower

Sally Kettle has always wanted to live an exciting life, she’s wanted to make the most of her time whilst she's here. She has thrown herself into numerous different challenges, from running the London Marathon, to rowing across the Atlantic twice! The fist time, never having been in a boat before and with her mum for company!

Sally talks through her different challenges, explaining what made her want to do them, how they came about and how she prepared both physically and mentally. She shares advice and tips and in the process will inspire the listener to think about what it is they want to achieve.

Sally is an Ambassador for a number of worthy charities and causes and she has raised significant sums of money over the years.

Sally also shares the details of an exciting new project she's working on, its a different kind of adventure, but one which still takes her out of her comfort zone.

For more information on Sally please see her website, she is also on Facebook and twitter @sallykettle.

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