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Tough Girl Daily - 13th April - Special Guest Allison McArthur !!


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Show notes

  • Alison is a member of the tribe, a patron, and a member of the Tough Girl Team!

  • Her big goal for 2017

  • The Paris Marathon and wanting to do a sub 4 hour marathon

  • Beating her PB which is 4.05

  • Training has been going well

  • The weather….

  • Having to change her plan

  • Dealing with the heat

  • 4.32 marathon… not what she wanted but feeling good about it

  • Thinking about her next marathon

  • The finish of the Paris Marathon

  • Blogging about her running

  • The jumping photos!

  • When and why she started running

  • Meeting her husband and how he encouraged her with running

  • Going for a 10K race in Spring 2009

  • What she loves about running

  • Being a fan of Park Run & why you should try it out!

  • Future races coming up

  • Her ultimate race that she’d love to do

  • Wanting to do a Disney Race!


Read her blog!



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