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All Things Sport - Podcast: Challenging yourself with Tough Girl Challenges' founder Sarah Willi

All Things Sport Podcast - Episode 8

I was delighted to be able to speak to Alex from All Things Sport Podcast - we discussed a range of topics, from why I decided to leave my city job, starting a blog which no one read, and how I’m using the power of podcasting to increase the amount of female role models in the media.

We also talk about some of the challenges I’ve done, from running the Marathon des Sables to thru hiking the Appalachian Trail!


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Show notes

  • Living on the coast on the North West

  • Blogger, challenges, motivating and inspiring women and girls

  • An adventurer?

  • How Tough Girl Challenges started

  • Why I decided to leave my city job

  • How do I want to spend my time? - Adventure, travel & challenge

  • Combining everything together

  • Having no one read my blog

  • Motivational talks in girls schools

  • Noticing the lack of female role models in the media

  • How can I change this?

  • The power of podcasting

  • Starting the Tough Girl Podcast on the 4th August 2015

  • Reaching 500,000 downloads and winning the Women’s Sports Trust #BeAgameChanger Awards

  • Leaving my job and feeling lost and not having a purpose

  • Why I felt like I was standing still and almost going backwards

  • Having to start again

  • Having the time to think and being away from home and friends

  • Wanting to have freedom of choice and more control over my life

  • Going though the motions and existing

  • Being supported by parents and working 2 part time jobs

  • Why it’s not easy to monetise your passion

  • Reverting to childhood

  • Creating the mission for Tough Girl

  • Women supporting women

  • Building a legacy for other women

  • The physical challenges I’ve done

  • Training for Marathon des Sables (MDS) and messing it up

  • Destroying myself in training and not being allowed to do the MDS

  • Having two training blocks - Phase 1 - Strong and Lean, Phase 2 - Training in Australia

  • Writing a book about Marathon des Sables

  • The emotional aspects of the challenge

  • The biggest learning from the Appalachian Trail

  • Why it’s about making progress every single day

  • Why you have to show up on the miserable days

  • Advice for challenge - and why it has to be personal for you

  • Know your why

  • Be consistent and show up

  • My next challenge!

  • Why I do longer challenges and why it’s about the journey

  • Not being a cyclist and why I picked this challenge

  • Why I want to share my journey with you

  • Wanting to plan and waiting to see what opportunities become available

  • Becoming a ‘triple crowner’

  • What is the future for Tough Girl Challenges

  • 2019 - wanting to double down on the podcast - Tough Girl Extra

  • More vlogging.. FB Live….

  • Wanting to meet up with listeners of the Tough Girl Podcast and share the experience with others

  • Wanting to hit 1 Million downloads with Tough Girl Challenges

  • Favourite sporting moment?

  • The internal self confidence


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