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Arita Baaijens - Explorer, Biologist, Author, Photographer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Arita Baaijens - Explorer, Biologist, Author, Photographer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society & the Explorers Club

Arita is an explorer of the physical and mental world; she’s spent decades following her passion for the desert, as well as visiting the remotest and most inhospitable places on the planet. She’s ventured into the unknown not knowing how things will turn out.

This episode will get you to think more deeply about who are you and what you want to achieve in life. Arita will explain, why it’s so important for you to take the time to think about it.

We also cover off the following:

  • Her passion for the desert and how she made it a reality after her studies

  • Heading over to Egypt to explore deserts with only her camel, a compass and a simple old map

  • The challenges she faces; and how she survived being alone

  • We discuss identity and the importance of knowing who you are - and how the desert taught her, about herself.

  • Overcoming fear and heightened emotions. With tips for you to overcome your own personal fears and how you too can find your own inner strength

  • What she learnt about herself while travelling in the desert, and how she dealt with her own internal demons

  • Why she fell out of love with the desert and needed a new challenge, a new obsession

  • Heading to Siberia and looking for the legend of “Shambhala" - Paradise in the Altai mountains

  • After seven years of searching Arita found her answer, she also explains how she had to leave her rational mind behind to do it.

A truly unique women, who’s prepared to push herself to the absolute limits, to be judgement free and open to the journey, that is life. Arita is also the author of numerous books which you can buy on amazon or through her website, where she also shares more about her life and experiences.

Say hi on twitter @aritabaaijens @_TOUGH_GIRL

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