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Podcast interview with Digital Nomad - Beck Power

The Digital Nomad Daily Show

“It’s that thing that clicks inside you that you can’t stop thinking about. That’s what you’ve got to focus on.”


Show notes

  • Intro

  • What my deal is!! -

  • Blog, podcasting, books, ‘adventurer’, challenges

  • What I’m about….

  • Context and background - quitting the corporate lifestyle

  • What I wanted my life to be like and how Tough Girl Challenges came about

  • Starting with blogging and why you have to be consistent

  • Growing social media at the same time

  • Starting with motivational speaking - giving 100 free talks

  • Where are all the women? Where are the female role models?

  • Vlogging for the Appalachian Trail and why I decided to do it!

  • What you get to watch during the vlogs

  • Vlog 97 for an emotional day!

  • Why I do want to do more vlogging!

  • Wanting to be paid for what I do - and being able to ask for money

  • Writing an honest blog post in December 2016

  • Patreon and why you can’t grow your audience on the platform - you have to bring your audience to the platform

  • Why it all adds up and those small amounts do make a difference

  • Being able to say yes to new opportunities

  • Quick fire round

  • What I would do differently if I did the trail again

  • The next adventure….

  • The blank canvas

  • 3 awesome challenges I’d love to do in the future

  • Why I like the longer challenges

  • Practical advice - ‘what if’

  • Why everyone are different and why that impacts on your own goals

  • Taking your first step and building momentum

  • Why I had to get the help of a personal trainer

  • Why strength training is important

  • Where you can find out more about me


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Facebook - @nomadmebrand


Digital Nomad Podcast


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