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#1 Starting the Camino Portugués!

#1 Starting the Camino Portugués!

11th September 2019

First day on the Camino Portugués!!! 🇵🇹

It’s the days before a challenge where you just want to get going, which I find difficult. It’s the wondering about the unknown, it’s the thoughts going around in your head! Then the day comes and before you know it, you’ve managed to squeeze just about everything into your backpack, sandwiches made for lunch, electrolytes in the water.

🌟No more thinking, no more delays, just start walking, start following the yellow and blue arrows!!!

I wanted to take it quite easy on the first day, it’s a marathon not a sprint and I don’t want to smash it too hard. Today was really nice and gentle, following the winding streets out of Lisbon, down to the coast, passing artwork on the side of the roads, going past industrial estates, seeing the marina and the cable cars. Walking past the Expo centre and thinking back to when I was last here in 2016.

☀️The sunshine has been incredible- it makes all the difference in the world having weather like this. Knee is holding up well, new shoes are doing good and so is my pack (thank you @osprey)!

I feel happy and content!

Over 17,244 steps taken!!

🥾 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress go check them out!

Watch the vlog now!!!


My Camino walk is being sponsored by Cicerone!

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