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#11 Águeda - Arrows - Art - Albergue!

#11 Águeda - Arrows - Art - Albergue!

✨Saturday 28th September in the Camino Portugués ✨

☂️Águeda to Albergue de Peregrinos ‘Rainha D. Teresa’ (€8) in Albergaria-a-Velha

16.1 km

👌Today was such a super chilled and relaxed day. I took advantage of having the room until 12 and just woke up naturally- no alarm needed and had an easy morning. I grabbed a simple breakfast - rolls with butter and honey. I also made myself a packed lunch. Cheese rolls with biscuits.

I spend some time on social media and caught up with my sister @carolinewellingham who is over in Singapore 🇸🇬

⏰It was then 11.40 and I needed to finish my last minute packing before heading out. It was a beautiful walk out of the city.

🐦 Going past the river I saw a very cool piece of artwork. A gorgeous bird (which was actually done by the same artist who did the giant cat down by the waterfront in Lisbon)

🥾There was a lot of road walking today and one steep climb out of the city. But it was gorgeous especially toward the end when you were walking through forests.

🛏 The albergue is really nice, very clear, very large, lots of beds, plenty of space. The kitchen wasn’t working and the shower were a bit weird. Two showers next to each other with nothing separating them... not a massive fan!

I also caught up with the 3 cool American ladies I met a few days ago 😀.

🎥 I’ve started to interview a few women I’ve met on the Camino. But want to do more short little interviews and compile it together into a video - “Women of the Camino”. I did something similar while on the Appalachian Trail and it came out really well. I want to show the variety of different women out here who are doing the hike for many different reasons.

📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress.

👉Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by Kat Davies @followingthearrows

Watch the vlog now!!!


My Camino walk is being sponsored by Cicerone!

Cicerone is a family run publishing company which have been producing guide books for walkers, cyclists, trekker and mountaineers for over 50 years.

There are over 320 guide books covering, the UK, Europe and Worldwide which are available in both hard copy and in e-books. Perfect for people who love to adventure and explore.

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